Lined Curtains

Choosing the right quality lined curtains for your new home is an important decision and a valuable investment. Here at ttMall we make your choice easier because all our lined drapes are of the highest quality so all you need to choose is your preferred fabric and the colour that would look the best in your home.
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The Very Best Lined Curtains & Drapes Available Online

You colour choice will depend on your overall colour scheme as well as the other furnishings in your home. You can either choose a colour to compliment your other furnishings such as rugs and cushions or a contrast colour to add more depth and interest to your rooms.

What Are The Benefits of Lined Curtains?

Buying quality curtains that are lined offers a number of important benefits for your home:

  • The lining helps to protect the more expensive curtain fabric and prevents it from fading. 
  • The lining also increases the privacy level of the curtains as light is unlikely to penetrate through both fabrics.
  • Lining also gives your curtains more structure so that they hang better and have a better drape.
  • Additionally the lining makes the colour of your curtain fabric appear more vibrant as the sunlight is unable to penetrate the fabric.
  • Lined curtains also provide more insulation to your windows. This can help you save money on your energy bills.
  • The lining adds to the blockout capacity of the drapes meaning that your bedrooms will be darker, especially if you or a family member needs to sleep during the day.

Lined Drapes & Curtains in Various Quality Fabrics and Colours to Choose From 

Here at ttMall we have a huge selection of high quality fabrics and colours to choose from so no matter what your decorating style is, you'll have no trouble in finding the perfect lined curtain panels to suit.

Plus we are constantly adding to our range so matching just the right fabric and colour to your particular needs should be easy and effortless.

Shop Lined Curtains Online With Confidence

At ttMall you can shop with complete confidence because we offer secure online payment options, 24-hour customer support and free delivery within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Need Some Advice? Ask the Lined Drape & Curtain Experts Today!

If you'd like some assistance choosing just the right lined curtains before buying them online, be sure to give us a call. We'll be more than happy to help you with your selection. You can call us on 1300 886 255 or send an email to us at

Otherwise you might like to visit our showroom and make your selection in person. Our address is shop 9-10, 444 Warrigal Road, Heatherton.

Buying just the right lined curtains for your home is made easy here at ttMall. With our extensive range of fabrics and colours, your choice will be easy and, of course, we'd be more than happy to advise you to make your decision easier still.

More Than Just Lined Curtains & Drapes at ttMall

ttMall is Australia's leading supplier of replica furniture and homewares online. We specialise in all kinds of high quality curtains and drapes online, including, sheer curtains, lined curtains and pleated curtains. Browse our extensive range and buy online today!
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