Timber Bedframes

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The Best Quality Wooden Bed Frames Available Online

If you’ve just moved into a new place and need to furnish a bedroom or you’re renovating and feel like sprucing up your sleeping space then you’re in luck because we have the best wooden bed frames on the market today.

Great Quality Timber Bed Frames at Affordable Prices

We work extremely hard to make sure that all our bed frames are manufactured to the highest standards. Our timber double bed frame, timber queen bed frame and timber king bed frame all come with the very best features including:

  • High-quality natural wood for a beautiful appearance and maximum strength 
  • Strong frame and joint design for stability
  • High-quality protective finish to avoid premature ageing

Why Choose ttMall for your Timber Bed Frame?

As well as amazing quality, we ensure that all our wooden frames are affordable; so all our customers can enjoy a great night's sleep without the worry of overpaying for a solid wood bed frame. 

The huge choice of bed frames on offer can make it difficult to decide what type will look best in your home. 

That said; regardless of whether you choose a stained wooden headboard and frame to match, or you decide to go for rich natural woods with a sleigh bed style, you can be assured that your new bed frame from ttMall will be;

Versatile, Practical & Low Maintenance Timber Bedframes


Wooden frames are extremely versatile thanks to the texture and graining of the material. You can select everything from the type of wood, the colour of the frame, the finish and the style so you can hone in on the perfect choice of frame for your bed. 


Wooden frames are very durable thanks to the strength of the material. When manufactured to a high standard they can easily last for over a decade with little to no maintenance. 


Wooden frames are known to be very low-maintenance due to the fact that a protective finish is always applied to the wood. This ensures that it doesn’t stain or become mouldy with age. 


Wooden frames are often more practical than other types of bed frames because they are easier to put together and, as such, they’re easier to dismantle too. They are also easier to move around because they don’t just come in one big bulky piece. 

Want to find out more about our wooden bed frames?

Whether you have questions about a wooden double bed frame, wooden queen bed frame or wooden king bed frame, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

More Than Just Timber Bedframes at ttMall

ttMall is Australia's leading supplier of replica furniture and homewares online. We specialise in all kinds of bedframes online, including wooden bedframes, metal bedframes, double bedframes, king size bedframes and queen size bedframes. Browse our extensive range and buy online today!
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