Metal & Steel Bedframes

Welcome to ttMall, the number one stop for quality metal bed frames in the Melbourne area. Whether you’re looking for a metal double bed frame, a metal queen bed frame or a metal king bed frame, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your bedroom right here at ttMall. 
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Check out our Beautiful Steel Bed Frames In-store and Online

Selecting the right bed frame is incredibly important, as it will play a major part in the finished look of your room. The style and material you choose will be a reflection on the look you want to achieve throughout the whole room so it has to be fitting with your overall vision. 

Whatever type of bed frame you’re thinking of buying, it’s important to research the materials, sizes, colours and styles that are available before making your purchase. 

Lucky for you, our showroom on Warrigal Road has an impressive collection of steel frames that are sure to inspire you. From a vintage steel double bed frame, to a romantic canopy steel queen bed frame to a simple steel king bed frame, we have your favourite bed frame in store here at ttMall. 

Metal Bedframes - Durable, Affordable & Stylish 

Millions of people in Australia have chosen metal as their bed frame of choice and it’s not difficult to see why. These beautiful frames can elevate the style of any bedroom and they have a host of other benefits including: 


Metal frames are incredibly strong and are manufactured to give you a comfortable sleep night after night. You never have to worry about them falling apart or the metal splintering off and you can select the metal you prefer depending on your specifications. 


Unlike many other materials, metal is a very affordable choice for a bed frame. This is not only because initial costs are low but it’s also because a metal frame will last such a long time so you don’t have to spend money updating yours every couple of years. 


One of the greatest things about metal frames is that they can be moulded into practically any shape you desire. This means that you can select a frame with a fancy design and finish without having to worry that this will increase the cost too much.


One of a metal frame’s biggest advantages is that it’s super practical. You don’t have to worry about lugging it up the stairs or spending hours putting it together as it is light and separated into sections that you can assemble in no time. 

Want to find out more about our bed frames?

If you have any questions about our products, just give us a call on our 24-hour support line on 1300 886 255 and we’d be happy to help. 

Steel Bed Frames

There are many advantages to choosing a steel bed frame and we have a large range available for you to choose from here at ttMall. A steel bed frame offers simplicity and clean lines as well as versatility and functionality.

You may want a steel bed frame that is low to the ground so that you can add both a box spring and mattress to provide extra comfort and support. 

On the other hand, you may prefer your bed to be firmer, so you could choose a steel frame that is slightly higher and only place your mattress on top. This higher frame will allow you to store things under the bed as well.

Steel bed frames also give you the versatility of adding your own head board if you wish and this can be changed if you change your decor or move to another home. Or you might simply prefer your bed without a headboard and decorate the wall behind the bed instead.

Steel Double Bed Frame

A double bed frame is designed for a double sized mattress which measures around 137 cm by 187 cm. A double bed is ideal for a teenager's room as it gives more room to spread out without taking up too much space in the room.

Steel Queen Bed Frame

Our steel queen bed frames are designed to accommodate queen bed mattresses which measure around 153 cm by 203 cm.  Queen beds are usually used in the main bedroom as they can comfortably accommodate two people. 

Steel King Bed Frame

For those who prefer a larger bed to spread out on, a steel king bed frame would be ideal. These will accommodate king sized mattresses which measure around 183 cm x 203 cm.

Purchase Your Steel Bed Frame Online or In-Store

At ttMall you have the convenience of being able to purchase your steel bed frame either online or in-store at our showroom. Whether you decide to purchase online or in-store you can enjoy the convenience of free Melbourne metropolitan delivery, 24 hour customer support and secure online payment options.

Have a Question About Your Purchase?

If you have any questions about which steel bed frame is perfect for you, you can contact us as we're always happy to help. You can call us on 1300 886 225 or send an email to  HYPERLINK ""

Alternatively, you can visit our showroom at Shop 9-10, 444 Warrigal Road, Heatherton. We're open 7 days a week for your convenience.

Purchasing a steel bed frame is easy at ttMall. All you need to decide is which size you need and what height of frame is ideal for your bedrooms. Remember too, that we're also adding to our range so be sure to check back often to see what else we have on offer.

More Than Just Metal Bedframes at ttMall

ttMall is Australia's leading supplier of replica furniture and homewares online. We specialise in all kinds of bedframes online, including wooden bedframes, metal bedframes, double bedframes, king size bedframes and queen size bedframes. Browse our extensive range and buy online today!
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